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Respond to the following questions in complete paragraphs:

1.Identify the major components of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) definition and classification system for people with intellectual an d developmental disabilities.

2. Identify the characteristics of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

3. Identify five skills areas that should be addressed in programs for elementary children and for adolescents with intellectual disabilities.

4. Identify four ways in which speech, language, and communication are interrelated.

5. Identify three factors that are thought to cause language disorders and stuttering.

6. Describe how treatment approaches fro language disorders generally differ for children and for adults.

7. Describe the variability and severity of characteristics within the autism spectrum

8. Identify the primary impairments present in children with autism spectrum disorders.

9. Identify the factors related to the biological theoretical view regarding the causes of autism spectrum disorders

10. Identify the major approaches to the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

Important vocabulary

1.biomedical factors




5.language delay

6. language disorder





11.receptive language disorders

12. expressive language disorders


14. cluttering

15.delayed speech


17. savant syndrome

18. Asperger’s syndrome

19. ASD

20. Pervasive developmental disorders

Please use APA style and citations along with references , each item should have at leash 3 sentences in the form of a small paragraph.

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