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Make an initial post (100 word minimum)  to EACH of the four discussion topics within the first two weeks of the beginning of the course.

2.  Students are required to make at least three reflective posts (100 word minimum) to the comments of other students.

Students must begin by first stating “I believe your main (basic)point was”.  You may then proceed to discuss your viewpoint and advance or clarify you contribution to the discussion topic.

Children are not born knowing discrimination. This is learned. Given the time you know why it was even a huge deal, but now days people should not be teaching their children this behaviors. I will say that study was defiantly an eye opener for the kids. They actually learned a lesson and could tell you what they learned in the video. It was very interesting knowing how quick it took them to turn on their own classmates. She stated you only had more privileges for 15 minutes before you started to be mean to the person you were friends with and that is what caught my eye. People now days are still the same way, and it is pretty sad. I wish this was taught in school now. This was an amazing video. You can tell she really cares about this matter and you need more people that care to teach like this everyday.

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