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No specific format, except narratives instead of a list. If you want to use tables or graphs, you can use a little more than 2 pages, but no more than 3 pages.
2) A report style with one summary paragraph to begin and later paragraphs to give decision suggestions; a letter style to address to the CEO (or president or whoever the decision maker is in a case) with decision suggestions right up front; a memo style that lays out the major issues first then provide decision suggestions; or other formats are all good.
3) The important content I’m looking for is the decisions, supported by your analysis based on the situation given. Give some specific suggestions (thinking of Ps). For instance, don’t just say “you should enter the US market by selling through Walmart”, you may also want to address place (which cities or regions to start with why), promotion (how to educate new users), products (what Rooibos product format), etc


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