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A statement of teaching philosophy is not just a personal declaration on teaching meant for prospective employers. In addition to defining your personal beliefs and ideals about teaching, it is a living document that changes as your experience deepens and your beliefs and ideals evolve. It can also act as the foundation for your professional purpose. In writing your statement of teaching philosophy, consider your understanding of yourself as an instructor, the student perspective and experience, and how you fit into the profession of teaching psychology.

6For your Teaching Portfolio Assignment, describe your teaching philosophy using the Statement of Teaching Philosophy template provided in the Learning Resources. Your paper should be 4– pages long in APA format. Your philosophy should include the following:

  • An explanation of your conceptualization of learning
  • An explanation of your conceptualization of teaching
  • An explanation of your goals for students
  • An explanation of how you plan to implement your philosophy
  • An explanation of your professional growth plan

Be sure to include any other components not listed in the template but addressed in this week’s Discussion that you deem important to your statement of teaching philosophy.

Also cite all references used in the development of your statement of teaching philosophy using APA format.

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