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 Here is some basic info on how the paper should be written. Basically it is a paper about air pollution in the United States and what is causing it and how we can reduce the amount of it. It also needs to include sources and evidence to back it up but written in the way of a podcast. It needs to be written in MLA format and could you also add a works cited page for any evidence found. Also a simple title would be nice too. – Project #3 in this course invites you to explore a topic of personal interest to you (air pollution). You will generate a “research question” to guide your investigation and discussion of the topic. Remember our discussion about academic writing being like “joining an existing conversation” that’s been going on for years? Your 3rd project in this course allows you to find a conversation that interests you, figure out what’s already been said about it, and write a paper in which you invite readers into the conversation with you. As mentioned in class, in some ways, it’s like a written version of the Radiolab podcasts you listened to. You won’t literally write an essay that’s in a Q&A style, but you might imagine yourself as a talk show host as you do the research and organize the ideas. You’re the host, your readers are your “audience.” What do you think we should know, or want to know?

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