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The time has come to unveil your final paper assignment.

This assignment is personal to me because it involves the life’s of my friends who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. Now that you have completed the midterm, I want to be complete another analysis of a real “Martin Lugo.” In doing that you are to visit Marlon Peterson’s De’Carceration podcast and listen to the stories of the individuals featured in Season 1 or Season 2. You are to pick one that you think will best put you in a position to write a full paper, therefore you may need to listen to several of them before you can make your decision. You may know some of these individuals, which is fine because each of them are important individuals to know within the world of criminal justice. Whether you do or do not, your assignment is to write a 10 page paper [cover page + work cited page = at least 12 pages – dont exceed 13] about one individual from the podcasts list. You are to follow the same instructions from the midterm which is to listen to the stories and explain 1 person’s life decisions and outcomes based on criminological and sociological theory. Apply the theories from the Classics Textbook to their individuals life’s by defining theories that apply and correlate to their situations, applying the concept of the theories to the facts of your “character’s” story and provided analysis as to why or how the theory relates. Use quotes if necessary but remember you are to cite in APA format. Dont use more then 4 quotes and each quote should be necessary for the reader [me] to understand what you are attempting to explain. An introduction and a conclusion section is required. The introduction should inform your reader [me] which individual you have selected to write about and the theories you plan to use to explain his/her story. The conclusion section should discussion your take away about the overall story, and how the application of theory fits into the lives of people generally. Lastly your conclusion section should include a direct message to your character as if he/she is reading your submission [which they may do]. In that section you are free to write your opinion, ask questions or general input. You must cite your theories using APA format. A work cited Page is required. [Note that you SHOULD NOT CITE THE TEXTBOOK EDITORS AS THE AUTHORS OF THE CHAPTERS – this means you need to figure out how to cite the individual chapters of the Classics textbook because each chapter is written by a different criminology scholar]. Each chapter of the book is written by a different person therefore review APA citation guide within BB in order to correctly format in the body of your paper and in the work cite page. You must cite it as a “chapter from an edited book” per APA format. If you fail to do this in your in-text citations or in the work cited page you will lose 15 points automatically. Visit the writing center for help if you are unsure how to do this. Formatting MUSTS Double Space, 14 size font,

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