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Structure of the assignment 1.0 Introduction of the education industry 2.0 Assess available big data of the industry, minimum 3v (volume, velocity, variety) out of 5v. 3.0 What Opportunity can we develop from big data of the education industry? 10-15 ideas and talk broadly. (must be from the journal article, not your idea) 3.1 Choose 1 or 2 opportunities from 3.0 to talk in-depth 4.0 2 key Challenges regard to the opportunity n discuss in 3.1 (eg. data warehousing, Data Analysis and Modelling) 5. Conclusion 6. Reference (Format APA) Assignment 2 (30%, Individual) This is an individual project. The topic is: “Discuss the opportunities and challenges of BIG DATA in the education industry” Output required:  Essay style paper  2000 words  8 scholarly references (usually journal papers in the discipline of the major)  8 industry references (mainly industry magazines and specialist sites) Marking Template Assignment 2 Criteria Possible Mark Standard of references 7 Incorporation of references into arguments 5 Arguments and ideas presented 12 Quality of writing 6 Total 30

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