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Article Critique Instructions

You will write a 4-5-page Critique of the article,“Globalization and the Gospel: Rethinking Mission in the Contemporary World.” 

(Copy and paste ink below to read article.)

There are 2major sections of the Critique: the summary and the critique.

The summary must focus on encapsulating the main idea(s) and be at least a half-a-page butnot more than 1 page in length. The critique section must contain a well-thought-out, analytical interaction with the author’s thesis and with the main points of the author’s arguments. The critique must present the strengths and weaknesses of the article as well as an overall evaluation of the article. The critique section of the paper must be at least 2 full pages. Be careful to maintain the page limit as going under or over can affect the grade.

In addition to these requirements, the paper must have a proper introduction and conclusion and follow the structure of a standard academic essay. You must write in currentTurabian format.

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