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Unit 2 AS: Article Review

Students will read the assigned article and complete the article review assignment. Answer each question thoroughly. All answers should be written in complete sentences and students writing should be clear and concise. Do not leave any question blank. Indicate if the answer cannot be found. Taking language word for word from the article is plagiarism and will be penalized as set forth in the Kean University Academic Integrity policy.


Go to the Library website at and retrieve Thomas, C. L. Cassady, J. C., & Heller, M. L. (2017). The influence of emotional intelligence, cognitive test anxiety, and coping strategies on undergraduate academic performance. Learning and Individual Differences, 55, 40–48.


Use this article to complete the article review assignment. Upload as a word document.


Part I – III Students are required thoroughly and articulately answer each question in Parts I – III.


Part I. Based on the introductory section of the article, summarize the following:

(A) What is known on this topic (i.e., give two pieces of background information)? (30 points)

(B) What is the author’s or authors’ purpose in conducting this study? (10 points)

(C) List all of the author’s hypotheses/research questions. (10 points)


Part II. Based on the methods section of the article, summarize the following:

(A) Describe the population or research participants. (20 points)

(B) How were they recruited? (10 points)

(C) If indicated, what was the setting for collecting the data for the study (i.e., at the

participants’ homes, in a classroom)? (10 points)

(D) Describe and give the names of all of the tests or other forms of assessment that

were included in the study. (10 points)


Part III. Based on the results and discussion sections of the article, summarize the following:

(A) What were the main results obtained from the research? (20 points)

(B) Were these results expected? (i.e. did the results support the hypotheses?)

Why or why not? (10 points)

(C) What were the limitations of this study suggested by the authors(s)? (10 points)

(D) What are the future recommendations suggested by the author(s)? (10 points)

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