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Description The purpose of this assignment is to extend insights drawn from course readings, to connect class discussions to current events, and to demonstrate research and critical thinking skills.Choose a recent newspaper article that addresses one of the themes covered in the course.The newspaper article should be extracted from one of the following newspapers: The Globe and Mail, The National Post or The Vancouver Sun. If you wish to use an article from a different newspaper you must get prior permission from the instructor.Choose an article published in the last 6 months. The best way to find an appropriate article is to read newspapers daily to see what peaks your interest. All are available on-line (;; an article that connects to one of the themes discussed in the course: for example, Aboriginal Health, Treaty processes, Indigenous rights and Economic Development, etc. The newspaper article will provide the starting point for your paper; use it to ask a research question about the Indigenous Policy in Canada. Draw on course material and a minimum of 4 additional relevant scholarly publications to answer the question you pose in the essay.

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