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Assignment: Evidence-Based Treatments for Individuals Living With a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

There is an overall misunderstanding that those living with a very serious mental disorder are not able to lead normal successful lives. Since the deinstitutionalization movement, there has been a development of evidence-based treatments that assist individuals living with a serious mental illness. This is particularly true in the area of schizophrenia. Treatment models that have focused on individuals living with schizophrenia have helped these individuals lead very productive lives.

For this Assignment, research the literature for evidence-based treatment models that are designed to help individuals living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Find an article focused on seeking such treatments that assist the individual with community integration, employment, social skills, family relationships, and/or daily living skills.

Assignment (2–4 pages, APA format) Your paper should include:

· A summary of the article. Include in your summary the underlying theory and treatment objectives of the intervention

References (use 3 or more)

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