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 Select an author (suggestions below) and choose at 5 – 7 books by this author. 2) In paragraph form, research and discuss biographical information about the author. Do you see how the person’s life may have influenced the books they have written? How? Give specific examples. Include the references of where you collected this information. BE CAREFUL NOT TO COPY OR PLAGIARIZE INFORMATION! 3) For the selection of books you chose by this author, describe the book elements using the terminology from the text and our readings. Note where you find similarities and differences in the author’s style Setting Writing Style Characters Illustrations Plot Pace 4) Discuss the child’s ability to identify with the situation(s) or characters presented. 5) Offer ideas for extension activities as well as overall themes that this author’s work can support in a classroom setting. Please describe at least 2 extensions and be cognoscente of different learning styles. 6) Why would you use these books with children? What age group/grade do you have in mind? What would you expect children to learn from this author’s work? What prior knowledge is needed when introducing this author’s work? 7) Kindly include a small photo of the author. 8) Keep you information to 1 – 2 pages so it can be photocopied for all members of our class

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