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Biology Writing Assignment Description Writing Assignment You must write on a topic based on an article from the popular press (magazine, newspaper, or other source) that has something in it about biology. In your paper, explain the science so that it is clear that you understand the biological principle(s) involved and why you chose this particular article. Why is it interesting to you? What does it have to do with your professional or personal interests? (e.g. if you are interested in becoming a lawyer, you might pick an article about the ethics of copyrighting genes) Where to Find a Suitable Article. Anywhere you want; there a number of reputable online newspapers and magazines. If in doubt, please ask me if your source meets the criteria. A random person’s blog post or Wikipedia would NOT be a good example of something from the popular press. If you actually picked up a newspaper, I’m sure you would find an article relating to biology in some way. While I encourage you to use peer-reviewed literature in your paper, I want you to find something for a lay audience to base your paper from. Explaining the Science. The goal here is to convince me, or anyone who reads the paper, that you have identified and understood the basic biological principles and problems dealt with in the article. You may use your textbook and other reference materials, including primary peerreviewed literature as a resource to help you explain the science. For instance, if the article is about the ethics of human cloning, you will want to tell me about the human life cycle (including mitosis, meiosis, and fertilization), the process of reproductive cloning, the success rates of cloning in other animals, and so on. List the reference materials you have consulted in the text with footnotes or in parentheses and also in a properly-cited bibliography at the end of the paper. Wikipedia and the dictionary are not considered appropriate references, although I encourage you to use them to get to primary sources. Explain Why You Chose This Article. The goal here is to connect this article and the scientific content to something else in your personal or professional life. Why did the article catch your attention? How does it relate to other things that are important to you? How will understanding the science improve your understanding of the larger issue or context? Mechanics Complete and upload online by November 29, 2018 Must be 3-5 pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins (not including references).

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