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Use at 3–7 scholarly and professional resources to support your writing in this assessment. Consider the following case study: You are a consultant hired by an established medium-sized manufacturing corporation with 250 employees. It directly markets one unique product. The corporation is run by a new CEO and 11 other executives who have been with the organization for varying lengths of time. The new CEO has an aggressive growth objective for the corporation of 100 percent over the next five years. The current business model will not support this objective and needs to be updated. Your task is to create a team that will work together over a 9-month time frame to develop a proposal for a new business model and growth strategies. Your responsibilities include convening the team, assigning roles and responsibilities, structuring the team, monitoring activities and production, and documenting outcomes. The team members must come from at least three different functional areas because the new CEO wants input from a variety of stakeholders. The challenge is that under the old business model, none of the personnel working in the functional areas communicated or collaborated. In addition, the former CEO never asked for new ideas and seemed oblivious to issues the corporation was facing. Key ideas for your consideration as you write your plan should include: The team will work together for a sustained period of time. The visible outcome of the teamwork should focus on the development of a new business model and growth strategies; however, the success of the team as an outcome is up to you and the team members. There should be a representative from each of the three functional areas to produce the model. A variety of perspectives is important. Communication and collaboration are new priorities for teamwork; these processes have not been considered as valuable in the past. Issues impacting the business model have not previously been identified by the business’ leadership. Innovation previously has not been prioritized as a factor in the business model. Develop a plan for building your team that you could present to the CEO. To facilitate evaluation of this assessment, format it according to APA guidelines. Requirements The purpose of this assessment is to create an overview of what should be considered when developing teams. It is not intended to be an in-depth analysis. Using the case study, address the following: Select team members from three of these functional areas: human resources, accounting/finance, marketing/sales, information technology, and operations.. Explain why you selected each team member and their functional area. What are the knowledge, skills, and abilities each team member brings to the project that will be crucial to its success? Describe the type of characteristics effective team members have. What characteristics will you look for in each team member that you choose? Explain how you will communicate and ensure that the team understands its objectives. Will you draft a team charter? Will you write a mission statement? Explain the types of strategies you will use to delegate responsibilities. Will you assign tasks or ask for volunteers? Describe strategies you may use for conflict resolution. Identify strategies that can be used to avoid and resolve conflict. Explain how you will measure the success of the team. Explain the type of measures you will use. Additional Requirements Formatting: APA formatted, including a title page and reference page. References: Use 3–7 current scholarly or professional resources. Page length: 3–5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font. The paper should be 825 words long

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