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 WRITTEN REPORT (50% of total mark) IT ONLY NEEDS TO BE 1500 WORDS. The assignment consists of a written report of no more than 1500 words. Your report will enable you to demonstrate your grasp of the module content and learning outcomes as they relate to the context and policy framework within which the planning system operates. You will be required to adopt the role of a planning officer writing a report and recommendation on a planning application. A copy of the planning application that you will write your report about will be made available on Canvas for this module. You should write your planning application report in a style appropriate to a planning officer report on a planning application that would be published in the public domain. You will be awarded marks for demonstrating that you can identify the relevant planning issues, legislation and policies; your ability to make a planning case to support your recommendation; and presenting the information in cogent format. A reference section should be included, this is not included in the word count. Make sure all references are in accord with the Harvard reference system as laid out in ‘Guide to Harvard Referencing’ which you can download from the University website. Please note that the word limit is the maximum that you should submit. Penalties will apply to work that exceeds the maximum given. Illustrations, diagrams, tables, appendices and reference lists will not count towards the total; quotations, articles and other referenced material will count towards the word limit.

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