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 In 3-4 (5 if you truly feel the need) pages discuss the issues surrounding the One of the topics listed below. Your discussion should fully explore and describe the existing policies and the choices available to the government and/or individuals concerning the issue. Your final paragraph/conclusion should include your informed analysis of the information. Topics and Questions to Consider (selected in topic selection) S. Foreign and Domestic Policy Compare and contrast U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy and its effects on both foreign and domestic society. What role is the individual American able to play in relation to U.S. Policy? Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Compare and contrast civil rights and civil liberties. How do the civil rights/liberties that we enjoy in the United States affect how the government formulates policy? Has recent terrorism and/or the war on terrorism diminished individual rights in the United States? Political Participation What factors in society determine whether we are more likely to participate in politics? Who is most likely to participate in politics and why? Who is most likely not to participate why? Why is important that citizens to participate in a democracy. Second Amendment Compare and contrast the issues surrounding the second amendment. How do you balance the individual’s right of self-protection and societies need to maintain order? Your essay will be written in APA style using Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced. The essay should be written in Microsoft Word. (other formats may not be accepted by the assignment tool) You should have 5-8 credible sources. You cannot under any circumstance use Wikipedia or other sources of the same caliber. If Wikipedia or like sources are cited you will receive a 0 for the assignment. Remember, your 3-4 pages only includes a

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