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For your thread, answer at least 1 of the following questions of your choice (you can discuss as many as you like): 1. One of the most interesting items in the communication realm of organization management is the informal grapevine. The informal grapevine has the capacity to undermine the official communication function of a criminal justice organization. Discuss what a grapevine is and the best methods to counteract it. 2. Explain the Senior Expectative Service (SES). Discuss what it was, what is it now, and what appears it will be in the future? 3. Research and explain what the major political imperatives within the federal system of hiring employees are and how they affect the professional process. For your replies, respond to students who addressed a question other than the one you chose and then point out either 2 weaknesses with their post or add 2 additional supporting points. Two replies are required. • I need 350 words for this paper • Please use as many references as needed (3 at least) + textbook readings • Using biblical verses are a must Textbook Readings • More et al, More et al., Organizational Behavior and Management in Law Enforcement (2012). chs. 11–12 • Riccucci, Public Personnel Management (2018) chs. 11–13 Additional Readings: More, Vito, & Walsh eText: Ch. 11-12 Presentations will be sent via email

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