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Be sure to read Lesson 7 before attending your selected live performance of classical music. Important Note: Read carefully the Lesson 7 page, “Theatre Etiquette.” Conducting yourself in accordance with these directives is as important as any aspect of this assignment. After the performance, as soon as you can, write notes about your experience: your recollections, impressions, and thoughts relating to the performance, and your experience attending the performance. You have considerable liberty as to what you write about. We recommend something like this: Your experience of attending the performance can serve as a “frame” for your review. This can most easily be done by writing in “first person.” (We recommend writing in first person, but that is not a requirement.) The performance venue, the people you see, the performance hall–briefly describe these aspects of the experience that take place before the concert itself. The performance–the performers, the instruments, the music–this is the heart of what you are writing about! Select the piece that most impressed you. Describe the performance and your response to the music. Highlight individual performers, if that was one of the impressive aspects of the concert. Describe as best you can what you hear and how it affects you. Consider, too, whether you recognize any aspects of tonality in the music. Has our study thus far allowed you to perceive tonal aspects of the music that you might not have observed before studying? For example, melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, timbre–are there aspects of these musical elements that stand out for you that you can describe? Finally, reflect on the value of attending a live performance of classical music. Did you enjoy the music? Has the experience changed you in any significant way? Offer a conclusion to your paper that conveys your “take-away” from the experience. One final suggestion: Write in your own “voice,” and be as expressive as you can. Make this an interesting and enjoyable read! After the reader has read your concert review, if the reader wants to be there with you the next time to share the experience, then you have done a superb job! concert link: lesson 7 Theatre Etiquette Attending a classical music performance is different — dramatically different — from attending a popular music event. Audiences at classical music performances are there to listen and see the performers, and even the slightest distraction — noise, talking, texting, etc. — creates problems for the performers and other members of the audience. We ask that you simply be respectful of others and exercise a basic level of common courtesy when attending a classical music performance. Please review the following statements, which are intended to inform you of proper theatre etiquette for the performance you will attend this semester for Music 011. The goal is to make the experience safe and enjoyable for both you and other patrons in attendance. Please be respectful of others, and know that even the slightest noise or commotion can present a distraction to performers and audience members, especially in small venues. Your cooperation is expected and much appreciated. Be sure to arrive early, ahead of the published concert time. Upon entering the theatre, please silence and put away all cell phones or other electronic devices. Lighted displays from such devices are very distracting to fellow patrons and should not be used once the house lights are dimmed. It is unacceptable to text during the performance. Bringing a backpack or large purse into the house is discouraged, but if you must, please be sure it is placed fully beneath your seat to avoid a tripping hazard for other patrons. Once the house lights have been dimmed, please refrain from talking to neighboring patrons. Conversation should be saved until intermission or after the house lights come up. If you must excuse yourself during a performance, please exit with as little disturbance as possible, and upon return, wait in the back of the house for an appropriate time to retake your seat. Doing so will minimize distractions to the performers and other patrons. To avoid personal injury or damage to seats, please do not stand on or step over seats to pass from one row to another. Please do not prop your legs or feet on the seat in front of you– blocking the aisle impedes other patrons from easily accessing their seats when they are beyond yours. Food and non-water beverages are not permitted in the house. You’re welcome to enjoy snacks outside in the lobby during intermission. Flash photography is not allowed during any performance as it can cause major distractions for the performers on stage. Professional performances cannot be recorded or photographed due to legal restrictions. Again, please be conscious and aware of others when attending a performance required in Music 011, and please be courteous.

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