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 Research Paper: Issues Facing the Church Today Religion is very important to many of us. Yet there are about five hundred churches in Fresno alone, with greatly varying worship styles, policies, opinions, values, and interpretations of the Bible. How do we figure out what is right? For this 10-12 page paper, you will sign up for one of the following topics during the first week of class. You will not be allowed to change topics, so choose wisely! You can decide whether you want to simply inform your readers about this topic or make an argument (for example, that hymns should be sung alongside praise songs or that women should be allowed to be pastors). Whether you choose to inform or argue, you must use 10 or more sources to represent all the major aspects of the topic. You do not have to be a Christian or attend church in order to write this paper! Anyone can write an argument about the church or inform others about a denomination or issue without being a believer. Often people from outside the church can provide valuable perspective for those on the inside. You should include both online and print sources, ideally with a mixture of newspaper and journal articles, books, and other sources like interviews or films. Your paper must be in APA Style, with correct in-text citation and a full References page. There is a sample paper on Moodle.

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