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Your project has two parts:
1. Create a one-page advocacy ad calling for donations to the Student Assistance Program’s winter coat, hat, and gloves collection.
2. Write a 2-3 page essay explaining the techniques used to create your ad and why you used those techniques to achieve your purpose and appeal to your target audience.

Part I: The Advertisement
Your advertisement should be designed for distribution as an 8.5×11” poster or flyer. The ad may include images, and MUST include text.

Your ad should use techniques of persuasive language we have studied during the last few weeks, such as slanting, propaganda, and weasel words. Think about how those techniques could be used in support of a good cause. Refer to the examples on pages 258-259 in Language Awareness for help.

As you work, remember that advocacy advertisements often use:
 language and images that appeal to a reader’s emotions and values
 slogans or condensed thesis statements in eye-catching type
 bulleted lists or sidebars with supporting points, reasons, or facts
 a direct call for action (donate!)

The following questions may help you design your ad:
 Who is your target audience? What do they value? How can you appeal to them?
 How could charged language or propaganda techniques be used to give urgency to the issue or appeal to readers to take action?
 Where can you use emphasis to highlight the parts or main points of the argument?
 Can any part of this argument be presented as a slogan or memorable catchphrase?
 How could photos or other graphic elements establish and give presence to the problem?
 How can the use of color enhance the ad’s effectiveness?
 How should things be arranged on the page to catch attention, make the most sense, and have the most impact for the audience?

Part II: The Essay
Your essay should analyze the advertisement you created by identifying the techniques you used to create the ad and explaining why you used those techniques to appeal to your target audience. In other words, the essay should explain the choices you made in the ad and why you think they will persuade the audience to take action.

Before you write the essay, consider the following:
1. What is your advertisement’s purpose and argument?
2. Who is the ad’s intended audience?
3. What values or emotions does the ad appeal to?
4. What strategies did you use to appeal to your target audience?
a. Charged words, emphasis, selection of facts, weasel words, and/or specific propaganda techniques
b. Visual design elements: images, layout, color
5. How does the ad convey the action it is urging your audience to take?
6. What do you feel is strongest about your finished ad? What did you find most challenging?
7. Do you feel your use of propaganda or persuasive language techniques is justified, given that it is in support of a “good” cause?

Then write a 2-3 page essay that includes the following elements:

 Introduce the issue you are advocating for. Briefly describe the ad you created, summarize its purpose and argument, and identify its target audience.
 Assert your thesis—a claim about the overall effectiveness of the finished ad—highlighting two or more features of the ad that you will focus on in your essay.
 Develop and support the claim made in your thesis. Explain the strategies you used to appeal to your target audience and its values. (Refer to questions 2-5 above)
 Identify specific techniques you used to urge action from your audience (types of slanting, weasel words, types of propaganda).
 Discuss the ad’s use of visual design: images, layout, color.
 Support your points by referring to specific details from the ad.
 Wrap up your analysis. (Refer to questions 6-7 above)

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