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Letter to a nursery manager about multi modality and the PLA programme

Students need to write a letter to a nursery manager and critically analyse the contribution of the Play and Learn through the Arts (PLA) programme in children’s multi modal learning in the early years settings. In their discussion, there should be a critical analysis of the content of multi modality in relation to the PLA programme. Use 1st person but maintain a excellent academic writing. The discussion should critically compare the PLA with other multi modal approaches. References should be used properly throughout the whole script.

L.O. to be addressed: 1, 4, 5


Essay  needs to address L.O. 1,4,5 :


Demonstrate an understanding of what multimodality is and the importance of incorporating a highly multimodal environment within an early years setting- Discuss the content of multimodality and provide examples which support your arguments. discussion and clear understanding of the content of multimodality and highly multimodal environments. excellent links with the early years settings.


4.  Reflect on and discuss approaches to support children’s multimodal learning- Relate excellent and link of the possible practical approaches in multimodal learning in the early years settings. Show excellent  awareness of their content and their contribution to children’s learning.


5.  Demonstrate sound academic skills in formative and summative assessments- Provide excellent evidence of formulating a critical discussion of the module themes and readings in the assessment. Use a variety of sources to support your arguments in a critical discussion.





How essay should look like?



Critical analysis


Introduce the topic- Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of the letter (Remember USE your STUDENT NUMBER code 123 not your real name)

Introduce the PLA (history, aim, philosophy, content, steps, previous research and outcomes, benefits)  (this needs to meet LO4)

 Explain the link with multimodal learning and a multimodal environment. Remember to include a definition of multimodality, discuss the concept of modes, analyse the features of a multimodal environment. (needs to meet LO1)

• Give definition

Compare/contrast. Compare PLA with another multimodal approach of your choice. Introduce the other approach, explain the link with multimodality and show the similarities and differences with the PLA. (needs to meet LO4)

Identify accuracy & validity of the arguments/resources ( Needs to meet LO5)

• Suggest alternatives

• Provide examples

Link to everyday practice (NEEDS to meet LO1)

Conclude the main arguments and take a stand on whether you suggest PLA to your manager for their nursery


LO5 needs to  be achieved throughout the whole essay.




Include all and only the references you used in your essay-Follow the guidelines of Harvard referencing system

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