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 Need an article to submit to ISI Journal The title is crowd management in Tawaf area, A large number of pilgrims, from all over the world, visit Al-Makkah and Al-Madina every month in order to perform Umrah and Hajj (once a year). Every pilgrim has to complete several stages as part of Umrah and Hajj. Tawaf is one of the main stages of Umrah and/or Hajj. Due to limited space of Mataf area, Tawaf is one of main sources that result in high crowd density. This is due to large crowd of pilgrims simultaneously performing Tawaf. The Government makes a large investment in order to extend Mataf area and to accommodate more and more people. However, there is a limit of extending the physical Mataf area due to the available space. In order to make efficient use of the space (in Mataf area) the number of people, performing tawaf, should be controlled. 1) A limit (restriction) should be placed on the number of people who are simultaneously performing tawaf. 2) Mataf area should be controlled through gates or other means 3) Each person or group of persons will be assigned its turn for entering the Mataf area 4) Each person or group of persons will be allocated a time for performing tawaf. They should not be allowed to stay for indefinite period of time 5) Once the time runs out then they need to leave the mataf area 6) Other people can then enter in the mataf area if there are available spaces

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