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 Journal Club Paper Select a topic of interest that relates in some way to developmental psychology. Find at least 2 academic journal articles published after 2014 relating to this topic. You may use Google scholar to assist you in finding articles, and/or Science Daily, a website that posts the link to the original journal publication at the end of each of their articles. In a 4-page, double-spaced paper, discuss the topic of interest. Summarize and relate the articles to each other and to terms and material you have learned in class and from the textbook. You may include other sources such as books, Ted Talks, movies and/or additional articles and sources. Avoid first person narrative (“I”) and personal opinion. This is an academic paper. If you are using a direct quote from an article, book, Ted Talk, etc. in your paper, please put the author and year at the end of the sentence (Author, Year). Include a separate page at the end for References. Here you will cite all of the sources you used. Please include a cover page with your name, the name of this course and your topic.

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