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Question: Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement? Being an exchange student in the US wasn’t all about the sweet parts. After the first month being in the US with all the excitement about my new life, reality started to hit me. My English wasn’t enough for me to really fit it. I couldn’t really understand what my host parent meant when they told me something. I slowly got left out from the conversations with my friends because I couldn’t catch up with what they said. I couldn’t understand much the lectures in class because the teachers spoke too fast. I couldn’t understand my homework or write an essay with the right format and follow the topic. And the worst thing is, people couldn’t really understand what I meant either. It was bitter when I realized the truth that the English I’ve learnt from the past 10 years wasn’t enough for me to live in here. I thought I was prepared but I wasn’t. However, accepting the situation is never my style. I communicated with my host parents over again until I could fully understand them. I told my friends that I felt left out in their conversation so the next time we talked, they always tried to slow down or explain to me whatever I didn’t understand. I asked my teachers if I could record their lectures and listen to it over again until I fully understand. I was always the one came to class earliest and left latest to ask about the homework and stayed at the library until it closed to ask for help from the writing center. There’s no single day that I stop trying, and I figured out, my English were getting better noticingly. Everybody was surprised about how fast I improved, but only I knew that it took me bloods, sweats and tears. My History teacher told my host parent that I was a hard-working bee. At the end of the semester, I got 97% for my representation about the life in Vietnam after the Vietnam War in my History class. When I went back to Vietnam and took the IELTS, I got 7.0 overall with 8.5 on listening and 7.5 on reading. I did it! Please rewrite my answer and make it professional within 350 words limit. Thank you.

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