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For this topic you will select a fruit or vegetable that is not necessary “exotic” but perhaps one that is foreign to you or one that you have never eaten before, or one that you dislike to eat. Once you have chosen a fruit or vegetable, you should follow this outline: (A) Discuss the history and origin of your chosen fruit or vegetable. Where did it originate? Or is it indigenous to this country? (B) Is there a particular culture that eats this fruit or vegetable? Or is it popular among many cultures, and why?

(C) What it the nutritional value of this food with regard to vitamin and mineral content? (D) Are there any myths or folklore surrounding this fruit or vegetable? and have these been tested or “proven?” (E) Are there any valid health benefits surrounding this fruit or vegetable? (F) Also could there be any detrimental health benefits from eating too much of this food? So basically your paper will be about “Everything you always wanted to know about [your chosen fruit or vegetable] but were afraid to ask.” A Reference List should be included in your report. Reference citation should be APA (author, date) style, exact quotes in quotation marks, and an alphabetized list of References should be included at the end of your paper.

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