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2. ‘Theory is always for someone, and for some purpose’ (Cox, 1981). To what extent does this insight apply to the theory of peak oil? 3. What is the logic behind Timothy Mitchell’s ‘carbon democracy’ thesis, and is it convincing? Discuss with reference to the trajectory of mass democracy in at least two countries in the Global North. 4. To what extent did rising oil prices contribute to the 2007-08 global financial crisis? 5. Discuss the following statement: ‘The shale revolution is disappearing as fast as it appeared.’ 6. Does the capital as power approach provide a more convincing account of energy conflicts than realism? Discuss with reference to at least two cases of conflict around oil or gas. 7. Discuss the relationship between the production of hydrocarbons and hegemonic shifts in the global economic order. 8. ‘The concessionary oil regime was a fundamentally inequitable and neo-colonial arrangement’. Assess with reference to at least two Middle Eastern states. 9. How has the balance of power between OPEC nations and international oil companies shifted from the 1960s to the present day? 10. ‘Underdevelopment and conflict in the Niger Delta can largely be understood to be the result of the grim legacy of colonialism rather than oil abundance per se’. Discuss. 11. Can sovereign wealth funds help states overcome the resource curse? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies. 12. To what extent do contemporary shifts in the transportation and energy sectors pose a threat to the oil and gas industry? 13. How has financialization transformed global oil markets? 14. To what extent is Russia’s abundance of natural gas an effective energy weapon in its relationship with the EU? 15. To what extent are oil companies vulnerable to investor influence in regard to addressing the challenges of climate change? 16. Does the rise of renewable energy and electric vehicles pose an existential threat to the oil and gas industry? 17. ‘The contemporary influence of OPEC in oil markets is very modest, and its past influence is grossly overstated’. Discuss. 18. Does the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement have a significant impact on the future viability of the oil industry? 19. To what extent will Saudi’s ‘Vision 2030’ successfully address what Van der Ploeg calls the ‘oil and gas curse in reverse’? 20. Is there any evidence that social movements pose a threat to the continued profitability of oil and gas companies?

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