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Each week you will be given a topic that relates to previous or upcoming course material. These papers are intended to provide an opportunity to elaborate on the material and think how it relates to your life and the real world. In general, you will be able to choose one of two options for your response: Option 1: Respond to the specific reflection paper topic posted on Canvas under ‘Assignments.’ Option 2: Write about anything else that has been covered so far in class or in the reading that you find personally relevant. For whichever option you choose, reflection papers should be based on your personal opinions and experiences. In other words, tell me a story. Do not simply summarize or repeat content from the readings or lecture. Describe how the ideas you are studying apply to stories from your own life or about people you know. Also, please write about things that you are comfortable with others seeing as I will occasionally select quotes and share them (anonymously) with the class. Each paper should be 250-500 words and submitted through a link that will be available on Canvas each Thursday evening. The submission deadline is the following Thursday by 5:00 PM. Submissions emailed directly to me will not be accepted. See page 7 for more details. All reflection papers are worth one point each and graded pass-fail: if it is evident you put appropriate thought and effort into it you will receive the credit. A paper that merely summarizes the concept or reading will not receive credit. Throughout the quarter there will be 9 paper opportunities, but only 8 will be recorded to provide a buffer in case you should forget to do one or if you submit one that is below a quality threshold.

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