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so i am from egypt so please use this for the assignment. also there will be a book to use it to. This course privileges ethnography — as a process and product. As a textured anthropological form of
empirical knowledge production and representation. Given the predictable tendencies toward
ethnocentrism in U.S. academia, students are asked to write an Autobiographical Essay that candidly
examines how their gender self-identification in the U.S. context has shaped their intellectual trajectories
(e.g. ideas, ideologies, politics, perspectives). You are particularly encouraged to focus on gender aspect
of your biography that most directly contributed to shaping a younger version of yourself and the adult
you have become. In other words, this exercise asks you to be self – reflective about the gendered
perspective and performances that have shaped your life in the context of the United States. It intends for
students to be aware of their own historical, social, and political subjectivities as they analyze
ethnographic texts that aim to portray how individuals and communities give meaning to their lives.


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