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 Description 1. In the introduction, your thesis must state which theory from the list given below is the best theory overall. You must state your thesis with the phrase: This paper argues that _____ is better than the other ethical theories. 2. In section 2 explain each the following 6 ethical theories, including stating and explaining the main principles and ideas for each theory. Give a complete explanation. Don’t put your views in this section 1. Classical Utilitarianism (Bentham and Mill) 2. Kant’s Duty Defined Morality (You may use ONLY ONE of Kant’s cases to help explain his theory. DO NOT explain all 4 cases in your paper or you will lose points.) 3. Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics 4. The Divine Command Theory 5. Natural Law Theory (St. Thomas Aquinas) 6. Ethical Egoism 3. In section 3, critically discuss all 6 of the theories above that you explained in section 2, and argue for your thesis. Do not explain the theories again. You must critically discuss all the theories by explaining why you reject or accept the theory. Explain what you agree or disagree with. Consider the main ideas and principles of each theory. Are they correct? Does the theory seem to give the right moral answers to cases? You have to build a case for your thesis that one of these theories is best overall. Use examples to show how a theory fails to give correct moral guidance. Consider whether a theory can work in real life practice. Use at least one paragraph per theory. 4. In section 4, give a concluding statement summarizing what you have already said. Don’t add anything new in the conclusion. 5. In section 5, if you have notes, please put citations in this endnote section. Label the section: Endnotes.

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