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 Write an essay analysing the problems the company is facing, and suggesting some solutions and recommendations to solve these problems. You should use the information in the text to identify the problems or potential problems. You should use your own ideas to generate solutions. The criteria for this essay do not require references and citations. However, if you wish you may do some research to generate solutions. In 1970 Dai Evans started a company to collect old used metals for sale and reprocessing Before that he had worked briefly in a steel mill, but he soon became frustrated by having to take orders from supervisors. In all honesty he did not like taking orders from anyone. was known to all around as a ‘hard man Dai The scrap business suited Dai. It was tough, dirty, uncompromising work. When his brothers Peter and Simon, joined him Dai had a formidable team. Certainly the company, now called Evans and Brothers, was a huge success, with scrap metal being sold to produce lead or copper ingots or steel rods, which were then exported around the world. By the 1990s Evans Brothers occupied a 30-acre site close to the main road linking Cardiff to the M4 and they offered much needed employment to 60 people However, the company was also experiencing some difficulties. The yard was in a very poor unsafe condition, with dangerous pieces of metal lying around, mobile cranes driving through thick mud, and the workforce rarely bothering to wear safety helmets. Unsurprisingly, there were often accidents. Indeed in one, the harness on a crane failed allowing a container to crash through and destroy a building, which was unoccupied, luckily The poor conditions at the yard led to the workers staging an unofficial strike in December 2000. This was easily crushed within two weeks by the company. Most workers were frightened into returning almost immediately by the threat of losing their jobs permanently. Those who stayed out on strike were replaced by new workers. In addition to employee unrest, there were financial problems. Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe flooded the market, causing the price to d from £200 to £60 a tonne. Similarly, competition for scrap aluminium, copper and other metals increased, so the Evans brothers found they were losing some of their best customers to other deal more and were cut still further more expensive due to the rising cost of diesel fuel, with the result that profits Furthermore, there were the changes to the labour market. There was no longer an end supply of unemployed, unskilled labour that was willing to work in poor conditions. Other jobs existed in far more pleasant surroundings, often in new, warm, safe factories located near Cardiff. The only way Evans Brothers could persuade people to work for them was to pay high wages, but even then few staff stayed for long. Dai’s attitude didn’t help. He was now over 70 in age and he still had a bullying manner. Therefore, the employees either ignored him or left; either way morale was extremely low However, there were also a few reasons to be optimistic. Whatever his other shortcomings was not personally an extravagant man, so cash had not been spent on expensive cars or holidays. Therefore, the firm had accumulated some significant savings. In addition, recent news had forecast an increase in steel prices. Dai was also very pleased that his son, David, was interested in the business. He had a degree in metallurgy and had spent two summer vacations working at the company, where he had built up good rapport workforce It was clear that some difficult decisions had to be made in order to secure the company’s future.

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