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 Write an essay on “Everyman” play. Using Chicago Manual Style.You may not write compare and contrast papers between two plays. You are expected to come up with an argument for your paper based on your reading and analysis of the play. An argument is the point that you are trying to make using the paper. You will develop this argument and back it up with relevant scholastic sources. Scholastic sources include: academic journals, books, play texts, reliable and reputable newspapers, news magazines. Non-scholastic sources include Wikipedia, any link that comes up as a result of a “quick Google search” of your topic, and random websites that appear friendly but are actually and mostly bogus. Avoid the use of online resources other than relevant news sources or magazines and digital downloads of play texts and journal articles from the library website. Your argument while not necessarily original will have to demonstrate rigor and a suitable understanding of the material that you are dealing with. you will be expected to have an introduction where you introduce your thesis, several paragraphs in the middle where you develop your argument and finally a conclusion where you demonstrate how you proved your thesis or argument. An introduction and a conclusion are difficult sections of the paper. Just a mere sentence outlining your paper is not enough. Avoid statements like “in my opinion…,” “I believe…,” and other ornamental language that contribute to word count but do not substantiate your paper in any other way. 

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