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Approximately 5% of your grade will be determined by your performance on a brief paper

           based on evolutionary psychology journal articles and internet sources.


Guidelines for the paper are as follow:


Length:  The paper must be equivalent to at least 4 double-spaced typed pages (using no

              larger than 12 font, and 1 inch margins).  This does not include the reference pages

              or title/abstract pages etc. (must be pages of text).


General:  The paper must be written in your own words…do not copy from your sources.

                If you need to include a quote from your sources (e.g. for comment or discussion)

                do not count the quote as part of the “total length” of the paper (it will

                not “count” as part of your four pages).  Use at least 3 references for your topic.

                You must include a reference page at the end of your paper.  References are not

                required to be listed in APA format.  You must provide a copy of the abstract page

                from the journal  references that you cite, URLs for web sites, or a copy of the title page from

                texts that you cite.


Topic:  The topic is open as long as it is an evolutionary psychology topic.  This paper is an opportunity for you to explore the literature in evolutionary psychology and find out more about a topic of interest.





The grade for this paper is based primarily on following directions (if you do not follow directions or do not have the required number of pages or references your grade will be reduced).


You may earn EC by presenting your topic to the class (as described earlier)

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