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 Answer the following questions, follow APA Style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. citations. All the writing parts must be your original writing, DO NOT QUOTE write in your own words. Exchange Rate Determination 1. Why are exchange rates so volatile and change a lot (the question is general, not specific to the recent events, in other words the question asks why the exchange rates change all the times, what are the reasons)? What are the general factors affecting the exchange rate and causing price of different currencies to change? 2. How would the inflation in U.S. affect the price of dollar (the exchange rate between dollar and other currencies)? 3. What factors did affect the price of British Pound last year? Currency Derivatives 4. Why might a firm purchase futures contracts instead of forward contracts? 5. Explain the ways that a speculator can make profits in the futures market. 6. When should a speculator purchase a put option denominated in Australian dollars? REQUIRED TEXTBOOK IS Required Textbook Madura, J. (2018). International Financial Management (13th Ed.). United States: CENGAGE LEARNING. International Financial Management, 13th Edition Jeff Madura ISBN-10: 1337099732 ISBN-13: 9781337099738 © 2018 Course Requirements

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