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First choose a health behavior you would like to focus on during the Winter SessionFocus on the behavior not the outcome! The behavior change project consists of two partsThe first part is an observation of your current behavior and recording baceline dataVery importantDon’t try to implement change yet. just observe For example you want to stop smokine observe and record when, where and with whom you smoke What feelines are associated with smoking? What causes you to smoke moreless What for whomare barriers in your environment that might interfere with your goal? What is your past experience with quitting smoking With what behavior changes have you already experienced success Develop an action plan Do you you will be successtur Write aut a contract with yourself and sign it The second portion the project consists of implementing the action plan and summarizing what you learned about yourself and the condition through the various web exercises and readings What are your future plans and plans for relapse? Did your reward system workWhat revisions make in your plan along the way? Summarize with a , or journal how you implemented the plan. Please refer to the grading rubric Home Page} for information pertaining to the content of the paperThis paper will be due near the end of the Winter Session

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