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Description Problem/Solution Essay about food waste Every year, millions of tons of food of food are wasted in every highly developed country. How should the logistics of deliveries of agricultural products be improved and the consumers of food products to be more economical in order to economise the purchased food so that citizens do not throw so much food into the trash? How to change the habits of consumers? What institutions should still be created to take away unused food from consumers and, if it is suitable for consumption, efficiently, systematically transfer it to poorer countries in which food is lacking? In connection with the above, the current question is: How can the food waste in developed countries be systematically reduced? -Instructions (Provide an overview of different perspectives or evidence related to that problem, then recommend a solution and persuade your readers to adopt your point of view. ) (You must also address counterarguments at some point in your essay) Source Use You are required to use 5 quality sources from the library research database (Academic Search Complete). All of your sources must meet academic paper standards. Your sources should help develop your main points, strengthen your arguments, or make your problem clear to the reader. Careful and thorough use of sources is the key to success in this essay. Remember to practice appropriate source attribution. Finally, use MLA style to cite your sources in-text and create your Works Cited Page.

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