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For this assigment the person needs to “visit” two(2) court house and answer the questions below. But the “visits” can be made up, so everything needs to be answer just like if you “really visit a court house” So in the same paper but in different page you would answer these questions for both court house that you “visited” . Remember, since its going to be made up, make it sound like you went to both court house. Here are the questions 1.For each court house visited you must create an organizational flow chart. Be sure to include the different areas within the court house such as clerks, advocates, prosecutors, defenders, judges, probation/parole, etc., and leadership levels/hierarchy. 2. For each agency you should also include a write up that describes the visit from a qualitative perspective. Write about the whole experience, who you met, what you saw, what you did, what you didn’t see that you thought you might or wanted to, and your general impression. 3.Also address each of the following: a.What are the key decision points as people flow through the court house? Who makes these decisions? b.How are changes made within the courthouse? (top down, bottom up, process?) c.How is there role influenced by Law Enforcement? d. How is what they do influenced by corrections? 4.What are their personal perspectives on the major types of crimes that are problematic in their area and what the causes of crime? 5. If they could institute one policy or program to reduce crime what would it be and why?

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