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. For this task, you will reflect on what you have learned about sex  differences in aggression. Now assume that you have been asked to  prepare an article for an online journal that focuses on aggression and  behavior, but first you need to complete an interview with a leading  expert in sex differences in aggression. Begin by selecting your expert  and complete a mock interview that asks and answers the questions below.

1. Explain sexual selection theory and gender role theory. What are  the main principles of each theory? What position is taken by each  theory on the origins, development, and causal mechanisms of aggression?

2. Give an example of aggressive behavior that may be explained from  the perspective of sexual selection and from the perspective of social  role theory that is not covered in the reading.

3. Discuss at least one psychological phenomenon that may influence  displays of aggressive behavior as explained by the sexual selection  theory and the social roles theory.

Support your interview with at least two references from  peer-reviewed journal articles. Remember to cite your information and  references in the proper APA format.

Length: 3-4 pages

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