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Write a 3 pages research paper on the topic Gender Wage Gap. The discrimination/difference in wage between men and women. And create a flyer from powerpoint based on this topic. Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details A research project contains two things: a practical feminist studies “intervention” (In this case please create a campus flyer from powerpoint) into popular culture on the topic “Gender Wage Gap: The difference in wage between men and wommen.” and a 3-4 page paper on the research (3 sources minimum) grounding your intervention. — Please think about what issue is most striking to you.(it will be the gender wage gap). Then brainstorm different ways to publicize that issue most effectively among a specific population. — In order: Topic/issue Research Audience Location Timing Do it Reflect Write — Then in 3-4 pages, describe your research and project choice/design, describe how the actual project went, and reflect on its effectiveness. What more needs to happen (and by who?) to make progress on this topic? Be sure to include a full bibliography of at least three sources. *NOTE: All the sources must be from internet.

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