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Geo course paper Description The major written paper for the course asks you to consider the following: (a) keeping in mind course concepts and lecture materials; (b) supported by authoritative materials you have found on your own; and (c) offering your own informed opinion; …each student will (1) critique the GPI’s approach to achieving a sustainable society… (2) by incorporating some of the issues and recommendations described in the documentary The End of Poverty IF APPROPRIATE TO YOUR TOPIC; (3) along with ANY environmental concerns associated with the global village that we will be discussing in class; (4) to make a thoughtful and convincing argument for applying the GPI as a way of addressing ONE of the following topics in one of the following locations OR ANY TOPIC OF YOUR OWN: – climate change in Canada – over-fishing in the Atlantic Ocean – marine or fresh water pollution in the Philippines – urban air pollution in South-east Asia – agriculture in the age of global warming in India – illegal and/or corporate mining in South or Central America – deforestation in South-East Asia or China – water scarcity in the American South-west – realizing the MDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa – global economic growth and development – United Nations governance and sustainable development – slavery and/or child labour in either the cocoa or clothing industry anywhere 

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