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Choose two of the questions below. For each, write a 500-750 word (2-3 typed pages) essay. Use your sources directly and when you quote, please use a citation. There are no right or wrong answers just better argued ones. I want your thoughts and to see how you choose to use the sources. 1) Re-read the Factors of Change: Write an essay that places the role of technology within the broader context of the other factors that effect social change. How important is technological change in relation to the other factors. Use this source and any others we have read directly to support your argument. Use examples as well. 2) Using the current state of American politics as a starting point develop an argument that supports or refutes Mumford’s argument from this essay: 3) Read the article “Social Media Enemy of the State or Power to the People”: Using current events, write a response that supports or refutes the author’s position. 4) Clay Shirky wrote Here Comes Everybody in 2008. Write a brief summary of his argument followed by a discussion of how well his reasoning has stood up over the course of the past eight years. Use specific examples that either support or argue against his case. Her is link to a TED Talk given the year before the book came out that introduces some if his ideas: 5) View the complete version of Stuart Hall’s lecture Representation and The Media. Provide a brief summary of his ideas on representation and give an example from your own experience that supports or argues against his ideas

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