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Guidance for this assignment

1. Review the literature regarding your area of focus (social work major, anything in that area related) APA format , 5-8 pages

2. Read the resources and identify one technique or strategy that the author(s) suggests will be helpful in working with this population.

3. Identify at least two scholarly resources directly related to your topic of interests. At least one must be a journal article. Examples of scholarly resources are (journal articles, research based books, .gov websites based upon research, professional papers, etc.)

4. Prepare a brief (3-5 pages) written summary of the population and technique being presented. Also, include a critique of the author’s research. In your review, address the following areas.

a) What is the population, and what do you know about it after reviewing the literature?

  1. What do the authors suggests are the main clinical issues facing this population?
  2. Describe the approach suggested by the author(s).
  3. Do the authors cite any research or study that supports his/her suggestions?
  4. What are some of the limitations to using this approach, particularly for this population (e.g., is it appropriate? Might it reinforce stereotypes/oppression? Is it an evidence-based approach?)
  5. Are there any ethical considerations in using this approach?
  6. Would you be comfortable using this approach? Why or why not? Include in this any critique you might have of the approach based on your knowledge of the population, research methods, theory, etc., or any values conflicts you might have personally.
  7. What did you learn about this population? Did what you learn change any previously held beliefs, values, ideas, stereotypes etc. about this population? How?
  • Be sure to include a full citation of the articles used
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