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 REACTION PAPER The objective of the reaction paper is to examine a social problem and apply one sociological perspective (Functionalism, symbolic interaction, and Conflict); furthermore, the social problem should be narrowed down to an aspect of interest. For example, if ones social problem is abortion, the aspect of interest may consider abortion and its effects on African American males living in the city of Watts, California. Be advised that all students must choose an aspect of interest; a broad discussion of a social problem is not acceptable for the reaction paper. The reaction paper must consist of: • Introduction Introduce social problem Present the aspect of interest List and define chosen perspective Thesis statement • (3) Body Sections that discuss the aspect of interest coupled with the social problem; furthermore, providing an understanding using sociological perspective. Include at least five sources in your body paragraphs (mandatory.) All sources must be accredited (Peer reviews, or scholarly reviewed sources.) • Reference / Cover pages (does not count as a page) • 3-5 pages (content) • Paradigm must be argued throughout paper! • Paper must be completed in APA format, see APA manual 6th edition for details

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