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Hello all, some of you are having issues locating the following video: Death of one’s own… I have added it here for you to complete assignment four.  YouTube

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This week’s worksheet will help you build all of the necessary parts for your Final Paper. It is recommended that you review the Learning Activity assignments and review the Final Paper prompt before beginning this assignment. This week, you will examine and evaluate the ethics of Euthanasia and examine different forms of community support systems for those who are dying and their families, by viewing the following videos: The Suicide Tourist (Links to an external site.) (2010) and A Death of One’s Own (Links to an external site.) (2000).

eek 5 – Final Paper


Final Paper

Scaffold your paper around the following outline:

Title Page  

Introduction (half page)

  • Describe the paper’s overall thesis.
  • Provide an overview of main point.

Learning about Death

  • Describe Americans’ avoidance of death and dying.
  • Discuss research findings regarding perceptions of death from birth to 12 years of age.
  • Examine the death taboo with respect to elderly.

Facing Death 

  • Describe the five stages of the dying process, as described by Kubler-Ross’s stages of the dying process.
  • Based on the discussions in the textbook, evaluate what is considered to be an “appropriate death”?


  • Describe how a patient’s death represents a failure to a physician, how can medical schools assist in creating an attitude of acceptance of death as the final stage of growth?
  • Evaluate the film A Death of One’s Own (Links to an external site.) (2000). Evaluate the controversial nature of the film and the challenge some dying American’s may face.
  • Discuss what is meant by “patient-centered” care?
  • Discuss palliative care, and how is it related to hospice care? How does it differ from the treatment given by most acute care hospitals?
  • Discuss hospice care? How does it differ from the treatment given by most acute care hospitals? Identify the major functions of a hospice program.
  • Discuss issues related to the family as a unit of care in hospice programs. How do hospices try to achieve quality of life for each “patient” they serve? How does the interdisciplinary hospice team concept help accomplish this?
  • In your opinion, are the negative aspects of hospice care? How would you suggest they be rectified?


  • In the film, The Suicide Tourist (Links to an external site.) (2010), discuss the struggle for the family to support the patient’s wishes.
  • How does one balance dying and dignity?
  • In the end of the film suicide tourist did the patient die the way he wanted?

Grief and Loss

  • Describe the seven stages of grieving can be applied to losses through divorce, moving from one place to another, or the amputation of a limb (arm or leg).
  • Evaluate what might cause children to react differently to the death of a grandparent?


Separate Reference Page

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