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In learning about nature vs. nuture debate, nurture has the most substantial impact on development. You need both to understand and balance life. Nature is heredity, so no matter what disorder or nurture a human goes through, whatever gift the human hereditated they will develop. Nuture is development through how they are raised and the knowledge they receive. However, to have nurtured the right way can develop a great person. For instance, in the video of the twins who were separated at birth, even if they were separated, you can see the mannerism they have without having the same parents. However, if nurture was lazy and lack of knowledge occurs during adolesce, since only the nature of what a human develops, they will only have. For instance, the singer Robert Kelly who is a musical genius in writing love music and R & B. Nevertheless, he never learned other things in life like math and morals and balancing his own money.

The Bobo Doll study had been conducted by Albert Bandura during 1961 and 1963; it is a symbolic name which included many experiments; the main experiment was an assessment of aggressive behavior after watching TV programs. The number of participants was 72, equal according to gender, and aged between 37 months and 69 months.

  • The basic perspective of this study is to find out the relationship between behavior patterns and visual sensations. In this experiment, each child was exposed to a model showing an aggressive attitude; after this activity, each child brought to a playroom where they interacted with a doll. Children who were exposed to aggressive models showed aggressive behavior.
  • In my opinion, the behavior of a child depends on multiple factors such as physical growth, mental abilities, cognition, and social interactions. If a child gets an aggressive environment, rapid physical growth, and low or high mental abilities may develop aggressive behavior.
  • The theory of cognitive development suggests that observation learning depends on the conditions and abilities of learning, observational learning varies individual to individual, but it affects human behavior in both ways. As a human, we have some social needs, and these needs condition our behavior in a particular pattern if observations fulfill these needs may develop some specific behavior patterns.
  • My most of the behavior patterns are learned, such as dialogue delivery, interests, working pattern, and some cognitive actions. Our style of writing, holding pens, etc. are part of observational learning. Religious, cultural, customary acts are also part of the observation of social behavior.
  • Observational learning is self-learning in which a person shows a selective learning attitude while conditioning tries to change the behavior pattern and develop a specific behavior with the help of reinforcements. The second thing is that the conditioning is limited to develop some specific behavior patterns, while the area of observational learning is extensive.


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