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History 1302 (Pierson) Term Paper Instructions Program/Course assessment: Students use primary and secondary sources to create an argument through the use of historical evidence that analyzes various aspects of the past (social, political, economic, cultural) and their relationship to the present. Core assessment: Measures students’ ability to think critically and communicate effectively. They must demonstrate an awareness that personal and social decisions of the past play a role in personal and social norms of the present. ASSIGNMENT Requirements before writing: 1. Read in Readings in United States History article 17, “Letter From Birmingham City Jail,” then Read the textbook (America) pages 1016-1025. 2. You may need to look up what is a primary and secondary source. 3. Look at the citation help material under the content tab. MLA citation is required including a works cited page. Requirements: Based on the readings, students will write a 750-1000 word essay that will have five paragraphs in the following order: a. analyzes the topic’s historical context b. analyzes any social, political, economic, cultural, and/or global implications of the topic. c. identify the differences between a primary and secondary source. Identify each source you use as a primary or secondary source. Which type is more useful for our type of freshman survey course? d. demonstrate your ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision making. (don’t focus on ethics alone, but the choice to action to consequence cycle). e. demonstrates the topic’s relevance to the present. Use one paragraph each to answer parts a-e above. The paper must be at least 750 words and no more than 1000 words. The paper will be turned in on eCampus via a turnitin drop box. (Do not go to Grammar and spelling will count. When submitting a paper to the turnitin dropbox, you will see an originality report. (Please note that the turnitin dropbox is in this course. You will never submit any work anywhere other than eCampus. This includes email.)

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