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Anthr 1: Research Paper Due by 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday 11/14/2018 (This assignment is worth 30 points) No late papers will be accepted. This Research Paper asks you to gather and critically analyze information on a specific topic. There is a difference between reporting and analyzing. Reporting is the organization and presentation of information. Analyzing is the extracting and discussing meaningful insights (understanding the implications) from reputable sources of information. In other words, reporting tells you what it is, while analysis tells you what it means. Do not plagiarize any information in your paper. Read the website information to understand what is plagiarism and what is not: Use in-text citations to identify the source of any brief quotes from source(s) and any information that is not common knowledge. IMPORTANT: Every student must write his or her own, original essay based on their individual understanding of the topic and written specifically for this class. Do not copy from any source, including the article(s) under reference. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of “0”. There are no “do-overs” in my class once a paper has been submitted. The topic for this research paper is an overview of human evolution over the past two million years. In other words, when and how did we become “human”? Analyze the current scientific research regarding this topic and write a clear, original paper on your observations and conclusions. 1) Introduce and define the focus of your analysis in a concise thesis statement that is located at the end of your first paragraph. A thesis statement tells the reader what the paper is about. 2) Discuss physical aspects of hominin evolution over time (what changed and when) and cultural aspects of hominin development (what and when: changes in stone tools, social group behaviors/interactions, evidence of symbolic representations, etc.). When did hominins become fully “human”, in your opinion? What is your supporting evidence for your position? 4) Compare/contrast and analyze the views of researchers by investigating at least three different sources (more sources are recommended). You may use links in the class power points to provide some of the sources for your paper, if you like. 5) Recap and conclude. Your conclusion must include a restatement of your thesis and encapsulate clearly your analysis of this topic. REQUIREMENTS: Type your name, topic and due date for this assignment in the top left corner of your paper. Minimum at least three full pages of text. 3½ to 4 pages is an appropriate length for this assignment. Double-spaced, one-inch margins (check your left and right margins), typed in English, 12-point font. Include a full source page at the end of your report. Write complete source citations in APA format: author(s) name(s), title of article or book, year of publication, name of journal, magazine, book or website where the article was published, volume, issue and page numbers of publication for every source of information that you used to write this report (three source minimum). This includes websites! IMPORTANT: Canvas does not accept work submitted in .pages or as Google Docs, Google Drive shared documents or as ZIP files. Submit your paper as a Word doc or .docx or as .rtf or .pdf file. I cannot grade your paper if I cannot open it! Grading Rubric This assignment is worth 30 points: 25 points for content and 5 points for correctly written source page. I am looking for a well written, original and concise analysis of current information on this topic, as well as a properly constructed reference page that contains all sources of information used in this paper Excellent work (score 27-30): Demonstrates thorough understanding of the topic through specific, detailed discussion, comparison and contrast. Analysis includes thorough discussion of topics noted in the assignment prompt. Conclusion is comprehensive and concise. Good work (score 24-26): Demonstrates moderate understanding of the topic through discussion, comparison and contrast but lacks sufficient detail. Analysis includes discussion of the topics, but skewed towards the student’s point of view (did not analyze the topics, just answered the questions). Conclusion is adequate but not thorough. Adequate work (score 21-23): Demonstrates some understanding of the topic but lacks sufficient discussion and details. Analysis includes some discussion of the topics but lacks details and/or insufficient understanding of research information. Able to draw generic conclusion. Inadequate work (score 18-20): Demonstrates some understanding of the topic, but little effort was made to complete this assignment. Opinion outweighs analysis, little demonstration of having learned anything about the topic. Not acceptable work (score 17 or below): Did not understand the assignment. Plagiarized work or no assignment submitted: score of “0”

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