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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

A ·      How is correlation different from causation? Why do you think many people assume that correlation means causation? Provide a practical example that demonstrates that correlation does not mean causation.

B ·      When and why would you use multiple regression to examine a relationship? How is it like correlation? How is it different from correlation?


Perform one correlation between two independent variables, such as Age and Relationship with Coworkers.

Perform the second correlation on an independent variable (such as Relationship with Direct Supervisor) and the dependent variable (such as Workplace Happiness Rating).

Calculate the Pearson product-moment correlations between at least two sets of variables in your data set.

Write a 125- to 175-word summary of your interpretation of the correlation results. Remember that most people never see the actual output or data, and rely on the results statements by the researcher. Ensure that your summary is accurate. Copy and paste your Microsoft® Excel® output below the summary.

Format your summary according to APA format.

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