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You will write a two to three-page, double-spaced (Times New Roman font, size 12, and with one inch margins) visual analysis of an object selected from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


You will need to use at least one secondary source in this paper (you may use the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, but it needs to be cited properly). This exercise in close looking is meant to hone your observation skills and your ability to conduct detailed visual analysis.


You will need to include proper citations according to the Chicago Manual of Style and a bibliography.


How to successfully complete this assignment:


Select an object you like. It may be an object we discussed in class, but that is not a requirement. Spend some time looking at works in the museum and select the one you enjoy looking at most. Remember that you will need to conduct a visual analysis of that object in your paper.


Pay close attention to what you are looking at. What material is it made of? Is its purpose purely decorative or utilitarian? Maybe it has another purpose? How big is it? Is it colorful? Take pictures (no flash is allowed in the museum) and make sure you look at the work very carefully.


Identify the movement or period to which your object belongs and use the museum website to learn more about it: You may use it as your secondary source, although try to search the internet and the La Guardia Library for other sources, if possible. Which period does it come from? Do we know who the artist was? What is the work’s cultural and historical significance? Remember, Wikipedia is not a reliable secondary source; it should be used only as a reference.


Once you are done with research and you know enough about the work, plan your written assignment. A detailed outline can be very helpful in your writing process.

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