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In this exercise, you will do web based and library research on Human Resource metrics and measurements and write a 7-page paper.
You are to research relevant metrics for a mid-sized company. What HR metrics should the HR department of a mid-sized company be aggregating data for and then analyzing and reporting to management on a regular basis. Examples of metrics are Compa-ratio, Market Index, Turnover Rates (Voluntary and Involuntary), Time to Hire, Revenue per employee, Total Compensation to Revenue, Revenue per employee etc.


For your paper you will research, study and then write a report on the appropriate type of Human Resource Metrics that a typical mid-sized company with a 1000 to 3000 employee base should be sourcing the data for, then analyzing the data and finally, regularly reporting to Senior Management. You are required research and study up on the various types and categories of metrics a mid-sized company should regularly collect and report on.

Your research sources should be books (like the one authored by Dr. Jac Fitz-enz) and other sources like PricewaterhouseCoopers Human capital Analytics services (You will find a lot of material on this service, and their portfolio of comparative metrics for which they collect and compile and publish from various companies – (Links to an external site.)). In the webliography, you will find a lot relevant material on Human Resource Metrics. When you Google the term HR Metrics you will also find a lot of material. Chapter 7 of your textbook is also a great source.

Discuss the various public or private sources of comparative Human Resource Metrics data. Report what you have found from library and web research on sources of comparative Human Resource Metrics. Which sources would you recommend for a mid-sized company?

To be considered complete, all written assignments must include proper citations within the body of the paper when relevant, as well as a Reference section. Failure to cite outside sources is plagiarism and will be treated as such! You must also include a title page. Do not include pictures or graphics. All documents must be in Word format and be uploaded by the assignment deadline. Quoted material in this assignment should be <5%.

The following information must be included in your completed paper. Use the headings outlined below for your paper.


Paper HeadingsDescriptionPointsIntroductionIntroduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. 5A General Discussion on HR MetricsWhat are main types and categories of Human Resource Metrics. What do each of these metrics measure? Why are they important in analyzing the effectiveness of a company’s human capital expenditures? Why is it important to use quantification in measuring the effectiveness of a company’s human resources? 25Suggested metrics for a mid-sized company Which metrics are important for a mid-sized company with 1000 to 3000 employees? Elaborate on the reasons why. Which metrics are must haves, or these mid-sized companies and which metrics are wants? 30Collecting Comparative Data on Human Resource Metrics

Discuss the various public or private sources of comparative Human Resource Metrics data. Report what you have found from library and web research on sources of comparative Human Resource Metrics. Which sources would you recommend for a mid-sized company?

Important! Do NOT simply cut and paste information from web sites or copy information directly.

20ConclusionConclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper and reviews the major points.10Mechanics

  • There is a hard 7-page maximum for this paper, however, it should be thorough, yet concise.
  • Include all aspects of the assignment criteria, outlined on the previous page—these are good paper headings.
  • There should be minimal quoted material in this paper, <5%.
  • Cite in text when using words/thoughts that are not your own. All sources must be appropriately cited—use APA for in text and reference list citation formatting.
  • Include a reference page for source(s).
  • Follow APA formatting for citing and the reference page.
  • Put the paper title information on a separate page.
  • Use 12 pitch font (Arial, Times Roman), double spaced, and 1″ margins as a standard format.
  • Do not include extra lines between paragraphs, etc.
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., will all be taken into consideration when awarding points.
  • Proofread your papers before submitting. Spell check is not foolproof.
  • Re content, if you make a statement, for example “all people who break the law should improve their communication skills to stay out of jail,” you need to substantiate that statement. If that statement is not your own thought or a statistic, cite. If it is your opinion, state that and explain what led you to that conclusion. Provide enough information to validate and explain the statement.
  • Treat these assignments as real-world situations. This will give you the opportunity to practice how you would research and provide information as an HR professional.

10Total 100

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