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 I feel the best way to adapt lesson plans to reach all students is to incorporate all learning styles. For visual students to provide written notes, for auditory students to speak about visual notes, Involve students in conversation with you and each other about the material for verbal and social learners. The conversation must be one where all are free to have a chance to speak and their opinion is respected. For students that learn kinetically have a concrete object that refers to the said topic and pass it around through the classroom, for students who are logical and/or solitary learners have the written notes.

By involving all aspects of learning it allows each student to learn in their own way. It also gives the students the opportunity to involve their own views and cultural experiences, if any, on the subject, which gives the students a sense of community and belonging

Brittany Post

The goal for teachers is to bring all students together in order to make the best learning environment possible for everyone. Initially, a teacher needs to know what each student’s learning style is. There are three different learning styles which teachers need to adapt their lesson plans around. The first type is an auditory learner. These students “store information by the way it sounds, and…have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones” (What’s Your Learning Style, 2011). The second type is a visual learner. These students “understand and remember things by sight” and are able to interpret and picture what they are learning in their mind, and learn best with visuals in the classroom (What’s Your Learning Style, 2011). The third type is a tactile learner. These students are often called “hand-on” learners “who prefer to touch, move, build, or draw” what they are learning, and learn the best when “some type of physical activity is involved” (What’s Your Learning Style, 2011). I personally relate to this learning style as I can always retain the most information being hands-on.

Each lesson, no matter what grade or subject, can incorporate auditory, visual, and tactile learning styles in order to make sure all students feel as if they are immersed in the learning environment. By incorporating all three learning styles into the lesson plan, each student would be immersed into a conducive learning environment and no child would feel left behind because they are not able to keep pace with the other students.

Veronica post

Every organization has a “culture” of policies, procedures, programs, and processes and incorporate certain values, beliefs, assumptions. So, using the appropriate etiquette means to follow the norms set by the organization in a subtle way. This means that maintaining a kind face and easy behavior pattern with communication skills best suited to make sure everyone in the organization feel comfortable. A way to ensure you are using appropriate etiquette of the workforce is to complete the often-required HR training videos that lay out the general expectations within the organization. If your place of employment does not offer these trainings, there are plenty of tutorials online that can assist you in staying within the professional boundaries. Personally, I used to work as a cashier. Therefore, I benefited most by remembering the basis of “Yes or No Ma’am or Sir’” and not to stereotype. For example, there was a customer that came in the store speaking Spanish. I asked the customer based on you speaking Spanish, may I ask you where you are from. The customer told me where he or she was from. Although honestly, I found out that the best outcome for effectively communication within the appropriate etiquette scope was to simply ask, professionally, when there was a difficult situation to address.

Megan post

I think of workplace values when I hear organizational structure, and to me, that pertains to a certain set of character assets such as; Being accountable, honesty, reliability, being a team member, showing tolerance and meeting deadlines. Of course there are many more qualities but I feel these are more towards the top of the list.

Cultural intelligence is vitally important especially in today’s very connected and very diverse world. I feel that one of the most important factors is asking questions. How can we know if we don’t ask? Refraining from assuming and being mindful of our words goes a long way in keeping within the boundaries of cultural intelligence.

Also, knowing your client base. If a majority of your clients are based in California and you’re in New England I would suggest not bringing up the Red Sox winning the World Series. But throwing in different things that have been on the news about the region is effective, such as the wildfires, or the rolling blackouts that seem to plague California.

Finding the similarities and showing interest in current events is important and shows you are interested in what is going on in your clients world.

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